QuadV is an online video game broadcaster and commentary team. Established in 2007 to fill a void in esports live coverage, QuadV is today recognised as one of the leading esports broadcasters in the world.

The company travels the globe to the highest profile professional gaming tournaments providing live video streaming TV, free of charge to a huge audience of fans. QuadV is proud to have worked with the major tournaments including Championship Gaming Series, Cyberathlete Professional League and more recently the World Cyber Games.

Through these tournaments it has also worked indirectly with Intel, Ubisoft, EA, Sky, Eurosport, DirecTV, Pepsi Co, Dell, Alienware, Xfire, Be* Broadband and many other popular brands.

QuadV is renowned for its passionate and authoritative commentary by some of the best known faces in the business. Its partnership with TV stations around the world is a testament to its talented staff having worked on Sky One, Sky Two, Eurosport, DirecTV, Channel 101, GzTV, Sky Sports, GameplayHD and many others.

The company also has also partnered with many leagues around the globe to provide official coverage including CEVO, ClanBase, ESL and Xfire in the past.

It also continues to serve as the official live broadcaster of the highly popular Multiplay Mfestival and i-series events in the UK and provides commentary, presenter services, production skills, lighting, stage builds and audio solutions to many tournaments across europe and North America.

QuadV has an almost unlimited reach in videogaming, covering all of the popular multiplayer games, providing a central hub of unique and original content for esports fans to watch free of charge on a bespoke Video on Demand system.

In short, QuadV has become a one stop shop for your professional video gaming tournament TV fix!

What others have to say about QuadV

"I have no doubt that QuadV were instrumental in us raising the bar. Their collective experience and professionalism is a credit to the industry, and they complemented our production staff extremely well. We may not have done everything right at XLTV, but working with QuadV was certainly one of them." - Ray Mia, Former Channel Head, XleagueTV.

"QuadV represent the best eSports commentators from around the world. They will electrify the crowd and enhance the overall excitement of the World Cyber Games Grand Final" Hyoung-Seok Kim, CEO of International Cyber Marketing, organizer of the WCG.

On Paul Chaloner - "The worlds best esports commentator and a great ambassador for gaming". Michael O'Dell, CEO Team-Dignitas & GM Birmingham Salvo (World Champions 2008).

"The show proved be a great success thanks to Mr Chaloner's tremendous qualities as a gaming commentator." - Phil Brannelly, Product Manager, Ubisoft.

"He’s been a crowd favourite from the start. A true professional, there’s nobody we’d rather have, pumping up the crowd..." - Craig Fletcher, Managing Director, Multiplay.

Official Event Coverage
2008 Crossfire Challenge 5, Enschede, Netherlands.
2008 World Cyber Games Grand Final, Cologne, Germany.
2008 i35, Stoneleigh, UK.
2008 Eurokrieg Final, Sports Bar, London, UK.
2008 PCGamer Showdown, Coventry, UK.
2008 WCG UK Final, Stoneleigh, UK.
2008 i34/Mfestival, Stoneleigh, UK.
2008 Antwerp Esports Festival, Antwerp, Belgium.
2008 ESWC NL, Enschede, Netherlands.
2008 Acer Challenge, Enschede, Netherlands.
2008 i33, Newbury, UK.
2008 The Experience, Oslo, Norway.
2008 Crossfire Devotii Challenge 4, Enschede, Netherlands.
2008 CPL World Finals, London,UK.
2008 The eXperience, Copenhagen, Denmark.
2007 CGS World Individuals, Los Angeles, USA.
2007 Crossfire Devotii Challenge 3, Enschede, Netherlands.
2007 i32, Newbury, UK.
2007 WCG UK Finals, Newbury, UK.
2007 iPower Games, Lisbon, Portugal.
2007 i31, Newbury, UK.
2007 Asus WGT UK, Newbury, UK.
2007 CPC2, Enschede, Holland.
2007 i30, Newbury, UK.

Official Supplier of Commentators
2008 ESL Masters Dubai, Dubai, UAE.
2008 ESL Masters Montreal, Cologne, Germany.
2008 GamesNight TV Show, Pulse TV, UK.
2008 Esports Weekly TV show, London, UK. (7 Eps).
2008 CGS World Final, Los Angeles, USA.
2008 CGS Latin America Finals, Los Angeles, USA.
2008 CGS UK/EU Finals, Los Angeles, USA.
2008 CGS Pan Asian Final, Los Angeles, USA.
2008 CGS NA Season, Los Angeles, USA.
2008 FIWC TV Show (Road to Berlin) Show 3, London, UK.
2008 CGS UK/EU Draft Show, Birmingham, UK.
2008 CGS UK/EU Combine, Birmingham, UK.
2008 Pulse TV (Forza 2, PGR4), London, UK.
2008 FIWC TV Show (Road to Berlin) Show 2, London, UK.
2008 FIWC TV Show (Road to Berlin), London, UK.
2008 Pulse TV (GoW, H3), London, UK.
2008 CGS NA Draft, SXSW, Austin, USA.
2008 CGS NA Combine, Austin, USA.
2008 Xleague (Tekken5 & COD4), SkyTV, UK.
2008 GamesNight, London, UK TV.
2007 CGS World Finals, Los Angeles, USA.
2007 Xleague.TV UT3, COD2 & GoW shows, London, UK.
2007 Fuse07 Rock concert, London, UK.
2007 Xleague.TV Motorstorm & DOA4, London, UK.
2007 Xleague.TV Halo3 & Warhawk, London, UK.
2007 CGS UK Finals, Sky TV, London, UK.
2007 CGS EU finals, Birmingham, UK.
2007 CGS UK/EU Qualifier, Birmingham, UK.
2007 ESWC Finals, Paris, France.
2007 xleague.TV Gaming Talk Show, London, UK.
2007 Xleague.TV DOA4 & GOW shows (pundit), London, UK.
2007 Xleague.TV DOA4, FIFA & Cod2 Shows, London, UK.
2007 Xleague.TV DOA4 & Forza2 shows, London, UK.
2007 CGS NA Championships, Los Angeles, USA.
2007 CGS Playboy Mansion Draft, Los Angeles, USA.
2007 CGS NA Combine, Fox Studios, Los Angeles, USA.
2007 CGS NAQ, Los Angeles, USA.
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