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Norway looms!

Posted by TosspoT on 07/04/2009 21:14:00 GMT


QuadV are headed back to Norway to cover one of the biggest gaming events on the planet in the shape of The Gathering! This weekend in Hamar, Norway around 5000 gamers will descend to fight their way through four days of gaming goodness across a plethora of titles.

QuadV will be covering the FIFA, CS 1.6, Warcraft 3 & Quake 3 tournaments from Thursday to Saturday night and are bringing a whole host of famous faces to bring you all the action. Stuart 'TosspoT' Saw will be heading the show for QuadV with professional gaming colour commentary provided by Norwegain CS veteran XeqtR, Dutch Warcraft hero Rotterdam and Swedish Quake veterans Fox & Fazz.

Make sure you tune in this weekend so you don't miss a click!

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United Kingdom Deman on 08/04/2009 07:40:06 GMT

Ah fond memories of Norway, Pint of beer for £7, burger for £8. Oh yes such great memories!

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United Kingdom Jay on 08/04/2009 13:15:40 GMT

Sounds like they saw you comming mate.

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Hungary tomzyka on 12/04/2009 11:05:08 GMT


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Norway Remyx99 on 09/04/2009 01:20:20 GMT

yey :D

Come to The Gathering, makes me happy. :)

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