League of Legends European Dreamhack Qualifiers (22 Comments)

Live from ESL Studio with Joe Miller and Leigh "Deman" Smith

Posted by Deman on 25/05/2011 14:41:06 GMT

If you follow League of Legends you will undoubtedly know about the big $100,000 Dreamhack Summer finals planned by RIOT Games which are fast approaching.

This weekend will be the Dreamhack Qualifiers for both Europe and North America back to back non stop League of Legends streaming. It will be an exhausting weekend with Europe kicking off at 10am CEST through to 8pm CEST then the US begins at 9pm CEST onwards.

If you love watching League of Legends you will have a sensory overload trying to keep up with all the coverage coming your way this weekend. Join Joe Miller and Leigh "Deman" Smith for the official coverage from the ESL Studio's in Cologne bright and early on Saturday morning!

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.) Hockey and determine skating coaches, as nicely as referees supervising ice sports are most likely the primary people you'll find wearing cool cleats.While glaciers cleats can be useful, they aren't recommended footwear for that casual ice-rink customer (though a person working therein will likely own a pair.) Additionally, Ice Cleats in many cases are banned out of school gyms simply because they leave all but irremovable unsightly stains and dirt on hard wood, linoleum, along with other shiny areas.<br />
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The bottoms of ice-cubes cleats appear significantly not the same as other shoes within the same friends and family:the traction spikes are situated to assist one secure their footing on slippery, possibly harmful surfaces, in contrast to sporting cleats

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