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Posted by Jester on 16/02/2013 12:07:01 GMT

Tune in at for live coverage of the CS:GO and CoD4 tournaments from epic.TEN

Leading the commentary team for epic.TEN will be Lauren "PansyYyy" Scott and Chris "Panky" Pankhurst, plus they'll be joined by a number of guest commentators throughout the event.

Posted by Jester on 08/07/2012 09:12:10 GMT

Mennace brings you live coverage of day 2 of the CoD4 Qnatek Summer Battle being held in Kiev.

Posted by Jester on 13/02/2012 21:10:30 GMT

QuadV are today proud to announce that they will be lending their unique skill set to the upcoming epic.LAN at Uttoxeter Racecourse, on February 17th-19th.

What promises to be one of the most high profile Call of Duty 4 events to land in the UK for many years, the countries best and brightest will challenge a collection of the continents stars and descend en-masse to lay claim to the coveted number 1 spot and their share of the £2500 prize.

To bring you all the action, QuadV have despatched community favourite Dennis 'Mennace' Fick to cover the event in full! Dennis' love for all things Call of Duty has continued to grow since joining QuadV in late 2011 and he had this to say about the upcoming event:

"I can barely express my excitement to cover this event. We're in for good laughs, good times and most importantly, good games! I wish all the teams the best of luck and can't wait to drag a few people infront of the camera and have some true gamers talking about their game alongside myself. I would just like to say, thanks to everyone who made this event possible!"

The show kicks off at approximately 12pm on February 17th and QuadV will be covering the event with the best Livestream available to the limited onsite upload bandwidth and with VODs uploaded ASAP from map completion! Be sure to join the fun, only at

Posted by Jester on 10/12/2011 07:23:37 GMT

Join QuadV at the World Cyber Games Finals 2011 in Busan

Posted by Deman on 01/12/2011 11:57:27 GMT

Morning all,

It's been a while since I wrote news on here and I am not really sure why? Nevertheless tonight myself and Joe Miller will be bringing you the League of Legends EU West Go4LoL Monthly Final for October 2011.

As always the monthly final is made up of 8 teams that qualified from the weekly ESL Go4LoL tournaments throughout the month prior.

So tune in tonight on on

League of Legends European Dreamhack Qualifiers

Live from ESL Studio with Joe Miller and Leigh "Deman" Smith

Posted by Deman on 25/05/2011 14:41:06 GMT

If you follow League of Legends you will undoubtedly know about the big $100,000 Dreamhack Summer finals planned by RIOT Games which are fast approaching.

This weekend will be the Dreamhack Qualifiers for both Europe and North America back to back non stop League of Legends streaming. It will be an exhausting weekend with Europe kicking off at 10am CEST through to 8pm CEST then the US begins at 9pm CEST onwards.

If you love watching League of Legends you will have a sensory overload trying to keep up with all the coverage coming your way this weekend. Join Joe Miller and Leigh "Deman" Smith for the official coverage from the ESL Studio's in Cologne bright and early on Saturday morning!

Posted by Deman on 23/05/2011 16:57:53 GMT

Its time again for our weekly League of Legends show! This week we will bring you the best of 3 from the Go4LoL Monthly Grand Final with Fnatic taking on Gamed!de, there is 500 euros on the line, so make sure you tune in to what should be a great match!

It will be live on ESL TV with Joe Miller and Leigh "Deman" Smith.

Starts: 19:30 BST, 20:30 CEST, 14:30 EST, 11:30 PST.

Posted by Deman on 01/05/2011 17:46:14 GMT

fnatic vs SK has been a legendary matchup for years now. We have seen it in numerous different games and today its time for an "el classico" in League of Legends. We have hit the playoffs of EPS Germany and only one team can go through this best-of-three to the next round. Join Joe and Leigh "Deman" Smith to find out who will make it!

You can watch it live on ESL -

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