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Sunday Night Source

CB NC Semi-Final - France vs. Slovakia

Posted by Jay on 04/04/2009 22:34:51 GMT


Sunday on QuadV brings the clash between Slovakia and France in the ClanBase NationsCup. With France the perennial favorites the Slovak's will be looking to pull off the upset victory. After topping group A France will be looking to go through to face Finland in the final but you would have to think a 3rd place playoff game against Sweden is the last thing the Slovak's would want, so expect UN and PhP to bring their rifles to bear.

Join Jay and perhaps a special guest from 18:45 BST on TV1 for what promises to be an epic semi-final between arguably the top two Nations sides to ever grace the NationsCup.

Three of a Kind

UKeSa Week 7

Posted by A_Spec on 01/04/2009 17:58:37 GMT


Over at the QuadV studios (which currently only exist in the writers head) we try to bring you new stuff at every opportunity. That's why QuadV is proud to announce a very special episode in our long series of coverage. Three of a Kind is one of those rare moments in online commentary where not one, not two, but three experienced casters step up to the challenge to give you an entertaining evening.

Tune in for one whole hours of Team Fortress 2 coverage of the UKeSa Premiership last week as United Kingdom Team Dignitas takes on United Kingdom Weapons of the Rebellion on both Well and Gravelpit.

Where can you find all of this delicious mayhem? On QuadV TV2, at 20:45cet with A_Spec, Arx & Beta.

UKeSA CS:S Premiership Finale

Four Kings vs. Crack Clan

Posted by Jay on 01/04/2009 11:21:41 GMT


Tomorrow night on QuadV will see the final UKeSA clash of the Season One league. With European Union 4-Kings staring relegation in the face and with European Union Crack Clan within sight of second place both teams have a lot to play for. The EPS UK winners have recently added HenryG to their roster will they have had time to bring him fully into the fold. On the other hand European Union Crack Clan after a somewhat disappointing loss to European Union Team Coolermaster have been on a tare. They seemingly are reaching the potential many saw in a roster stacked with names such as Ritch, Hughsy, Beta, Mx and Haz.

Come 8.45PM BST these questions and more will be answered live on QuadV. Join Jay and perhaps a special guest for the season finale between European Union Four Kings and European Union Crack Clan. Tune in on TV1 from 7.45PM BST for pre-game analysis of the teams and of the UKeSA Premiership.


The VoD's are in

Posted by A_Spec on 26/03/2009 12:44:53 GMT


Last weekend QuadV was on site at TheReality lan in Netherlands Drachten, The Netherlands to give you audio coverage of the Team Fortress 2 competition that took place there.

Now, after hours and hours of patiently editing and uploading files we are happy to give you the matches that were played in glorious video format.

Tournament Stage;

United Kingdom Team Coolermaster vs Belgium Vale
United Kingdom Team Coolermaster vs United Kingdom Trademark Gamers
Belgium Vale vs United Kingdom Trademark Gamers (With Special guest co-commentator TCM|Xman)

Bracket Stage;

Netherlands Gathering of Tweakers 1 vs Belgium Vale Lower Bracket Stage 2
Belgium Vale vs United Kingdom Trademark Gamers Lower Bracket Final (With Special guest co-commentator TCM|Byte)
United Kingdom Team Coolermaster vs United Kingdom Trademark Gamers Final

I would personally like to thank the teams that were on site for making this event a fun social event and for playing several great matches.

UKeSA Week Six

Call of Duty 4, Team Fortress 2 & CounterStrike Source

Posted by Deman on 25/03/2009 11:54:01 GMT


Thursday see's another round of matches in week six of the UKeSA Premiership and it's nearing crunch time.

In Call of Duty 4 we see Netherlands ButtonBashers take on Sweden Fnatic in what has become a must win match for both teams on Crash. Win and they are into the Semi-Finals, Lose and they are into the 5th place play-off.

We saw ButtonBashers last week pull back a draw on Crossfire against Reason Gaming on what many including myself thought would be a one sided win for them. Many predicted an easy second place finish for the only salaried team in the game but so far they have struggled to deliver after a crushing defeat to Dignitas.

Sweden Fnatic on the other hand brought in a change last week with Rivve returning as sniper and managing a draw of their own against Team Coolermaster. This has given them a life line to the Semi-Finals and renewed hope of a victory.

You can join Deman for all the action from 20:00 GMT on QuadV TV1.

In Team Fortress we have Finland Crack Clan and United Kingdom Team Coolermaster. Crack Clan was recently completely demolished by Dignitas on Badlands and Granary during the grand final of the ESL TF2 Masters. They will most definitely be looking to booster their moral by getting a victory tonight. Team Coolermaster however won't give them an easy time. Only a few days have passed since their victory over Trademark Gamers at TheReality LAN and their moral is high.

Neither teams will bow out of a proper fight as they both need the points in the competition.

You can join A_Spec and maybe Beta (whether or not his pc works) for this struggle on Granary & Badlands from 20:00 GMT on QuadV TV2.

Last but not least is the CS:S clash between TCM and FM Toxic!. With TCM desperate for points after what some might say was a shakey start to the opening UKeSA season and with FM Toxic looking to solidfy their position which of these two giants of EU eSports will come out on top.

Join Jay and perhaps a special guest from 19:45 GMT for pre-game analysis and predictions on QuadV TV3.

It ends tonight

EMS TF2 Finals

Posted by A_Spec on 24/03/2009 16:40:35 GMT


Last week we were a witness at the first round of the ESL Team Fortress 2 masters Finals versus European Union Crack Clan & United Kingdom Team Dignitas. The first round ended in a win for Dignitas forcing a second best of 3 round. Tonight, it all ends. As both teams meet eachother in the arena for the last time in this cup. Dignitas, having faith in their expertise have picked their speciality map Badlands on which they hope to secure their victory. Crack Clan on the other hand have opted for Granary, the classic map which can potentially go both ways.

Who will take home the €750,- for first place? Tune into QuadV TV2 tonight at 21:00cet with A_Spec and Beta.

Call of Duty 4 - TCM vs Sypher

Infused Qpad & CryoPC Cup

Posted by Deman on 24/03/2009 14:53:21 GMT


Tonight we begin our coverage of the Infused Qpad & CryoPC Cup opening with the second round of group stages games in Group 4 United Kingdom Team Coolermaster vs United Kingdom Team Sypher.

Team Coolermaster are playing well at the moment and have moved up 3 places in the Cadred Top 10 rankings of europe placing them 7th. This is mainly down to some solid results in the UKeSA Premiership albeit they are yet to face Dignitas.

Team Sypher on the other hand have always been hovering just outside the top 10 rankings recently drawing with Infused Gaming and will certainly pose a problem for Team Coolermaster tonight.

Join Leigh "Deman" Smith tonight at 8pm GMT for more Call of Duty 4 action on QuadV TV1.

WCG 2008 reaches 27 million viewers!

eSports to the masses with QuadV!

Posted by TosspoT on 23/03/2009 21:01:16 GMT


The World Cyber Games 2008 was enjoyed by a record number of eSports fans this year reaching a total global audience of 27 million compelled viewers! The audience figures were revealed as WCG announced that they had signed an extension of their agreement OnGameNet who ran both production and korean broadcasting out of Cologne in 08. The press release reads:

"OnGamenet has served as the global broadcast partner of WCG since the WCG 2006 Grand Final in Monza, Italy. Their professional game hook-up experience, WCG knowledge and cutting edge technology made them the easy choice for the WCG.

During the WCG 2008 Grand Final in Cologne Germany, OnGamenet sent out 187 tournament relay programs during 5 days in English, German and Korean to China's NeoTV, Germany's Giga TV, internet broadcast GameSports, and UK's QuadV channel. Total of 27 million viewers watched the WCG tournament action. "

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