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Clanbase NationsCup Groupstage

France vs United Kingdom

Posted by Baldrick on 18/02/2009 18:42:04 GMT


On Wednesday 18th February at 19.45GMT, France take on the United Kingdom in the Clanbase NationsCup! de_inferno will be the battleground for yet another encounter between the two and it looks like it will be a question of who wants it most! With the UKeSA season starting on Thursday the UK's top teams won't want to relinquish their players for this encounter and that should give France the upper hand, and they go in as the form side after drawing 15-15 with Denmark, beating Greece 25-5 and Poland 16-14. That was the same Polish team that beat the UK 16-14, and the UK had the same scoreline against Greece.

Who will come away with their pride in tact and put themselves into the playoffs? Tune in at 19.45GMT on quadV TV 1 with Jay!

Monday Night Source on QuadV

Poland vs. Denmark

Posted by Jay on 14/02/2009 19:01:14 GMT


This Monday QuadV presents Poland vs. Denmark in a ClanBase NationsCup clash that will suerly go a long way to deciding the outcome of Group A. After an epic game on Dust2 in which the Danes against the very much fancied French squad managed to survive the intial onslaught and eventually managed to take a draw. Denmark have proven that they are one of the top NationsCup squads. Poland current reside in 4th place in Group A level on points with Team UK, an upset vicotory against the Dannish squad will suerly put them into contention when it comes to tail end of group qualification.

Join Jay and perhaps another special guest from 21:15 CET live on TV1.

Posted by ReDeYe on 14/02/2009 11:42:02 GMT

We are very happy to announce that after a long evaluation period Keith “Arx” Nichols and Mike “Beta” Merola have joined QuadV. Initially they will be continuing their already excellent commentary for Team Fortress 2 on our streams.

Both guys have been casting Team Fortress 2 matches for a long time and are well respected within the community for their enthusiasm and deep knowledge of tactics, players and teams. We hope the guys enjoy their time with us and that we can help them achieve the potential they have.

As a side note, we are also looking for further talent to join our ranks for 2009 and beyond in other games. If you think you fit the bill and have the raw talent we are looking for, feel free to drop us an email to moc.vdauq@sboj together with a brief background, age, location and a link to a demo and who knows, you could be the next caster signed up to QuadV!

PlayAll Exhibition Night

Call of Duty 1, 2 and 4

Posted by Deman on 10/02/2009 19:12:35 GMT


Thursday Night shall mark a very special exhibition match up brought to you by PlayAll over Call of Duty, Call of Duty 2 and Call of Duty 4 with 2 all star teams. The teams will not only be playing for pride but also cash and every victory counts as 150 euros is up for grabs in each game.

You will be able to catch all the action beginning at 18:00 GMT (19:00 CET) live here on with TosspoT and Deman.

The Teams
T1: United Kingdom Mark, Germany Smithz, Sweden Linqan, Sweden Tidde, Netherlands Knaller
T2: Netherlands Qwerty, Belgium Davy, Denmark Woomzy, Germany Thunder, Czech Republic Mazarini

The Maps
COD1: Neuville
COD2: Dawnville
COD4: Crash

So What is PlayAll?
PlayAll is a revolutionary gaming community, providing a platform for players of all levels of expertise to participate in skill-based games and win fantastic awards and cash!

Designed to unite the principles of established gaming leagues, PlayAll incorporates traditional rules and regulations, a wide range of popular gaming titles and highly experienced, ‘Affiliated Players’ within its community.

The inclusion of a number of ‘All-Star’ players within our internal crew ensures that we always stay up to date on the latest developments throughout the gaming world.

PlayAll is fully interactive and open 24/7 to all members and, by continuing to evolve our ways to play, structure and supported gaming titles, we are dedicated to providing the ultimate gaming experience for every single member.

For more information on any aspect of PlayAll, check out the FAQ and Support pages.

COD1: pam_mode CBEC (MR10)
COD2: pam_mode CB (MR12)
COD4: promod_mode knockout_mr12 (MR12)

Prize Money:
The prize for every match won is 150 euro to be divided among the 5 members of the winning team. This gives a total of 450 euro for all three matches. In the event a player was replaced during a match he will receive the equivalent percentage of the rounds he played of one 5th of the prize money of that specific match.

Clanbase NationsCup Groupstage

France vs Denmark

Posted by Baldrick on 08/02/2009 22:41:21 GMT


On Monday February 9th at 19.45GMT France take on Denmark in the Clanbase NationsCup live on quadV TV 1 with Jay! Denmark have been trying a youthful lineup and were able to defeat Slovakia 24-6, whereas France struggled past Poland 16-14. These are 2 teams who always put in a good performance at the ESL Nations Championship, and will be looking to get one over on their rivals here! The state of the French team is unknown, as all their players have been competing at the EPS Finals this weekend and maybe fatigue will strike. To find out make sure you tune in with Jay on quadV TV 1 at 19.45GMT!

Posted by Baldrick on 03/02/2009 14:49:15 GMT


Tomorrow night (Wednesday) sees the EMS Season III Upper Bracket Final, as the two top teams in France go head to head, as RedLine take on Verygames. Whilst both are now guaranteed a podium finish after their defeats of Germans mTw 16-8 and Alternate 16-5 respectively, they will want to guarantee themselves a place, as well as the upper hand, in the grand final. Failure will mean a drop into the lower bracket, containing Reason and forZe as well as the aforementioned German pair.

The EMS Season III Grand Final has been a long and hard fought competition that's spanned 3 months of online action with €3,000 up for grabs, with the winners taking half of that, the runners up €900, and the 3rd place team €600, which both teams have already guaranteed.

Verygames go into this match as favourites after winning Icybox and some solid online performances earning them the #1 rank in Cadred's European CSS top 10 teams, whilst Redline currently sit in 8th place on the same rankings. However they've recently added Kevin "Ex6TenZ" Droolans, formally of Crack Clan and a winner of the-eXperience 2008 and they will be looking to prove themselves again and cause an upset; an upset that wouldn't be too shocking as despite Verygames beating Redline 16-7 the last time the teams met in the Eurokrieg Winter Lower Bracket Final, it was RedLine who knocked them down to the Lower Bracket with the same scoreline.

Who will come out on top this time? Tune in to quadV TV 1 on Wednesday at 19.45 GMT with Jay to find out!

Posted by Jay on 02/02/2009 13:29:06 GMT


Monday Night Source returns this week with a clash between two teams that have potential to turn some heads in the near future. eVISION vs. inteRaction.Sennheiser in's Season IX could very well be the final of that tournament and we get to see this clash of the two favourite's in just week three of the group stage.

The map will be Dust2 so expect a fairly even game with rounds being exchanged back and forth. Pistols take on a significant level of importantce will the Finnish strats or the will the Czech's aim pull them through?

Join Jay from 8:45PM CET to see this battle of two up and comming teams.

Call of Duty 4 - EMS III Grand Final

Team Digntias vs Button Bashers

Posted by Deman on 27/01/2009 09:42:36 GMT


Tonight Live on QuadV we see the EMS III Grand Final - United Kingdom Dignitas vs Netherlands Button Bashers with United Kingdom Deman and United Kingdom TosspoT bringing you all the action as it happens.

The EMS Season III Grand Final has been a long and hard fought competition that's spanned 3 months of online action with 3,000 € up for grabs. United Kingdom Team Dignitas have come through from the winner bracket and hold all the cards in tonights big match. While Netherlands Button Bashers who have been voted number 1 in Europe for the second month running by a panel of judges at Cadred come through from the lower bracket after an initial defeat to United Kingdom Team Dignitas in the Winner Bracket Finals 13-8.

We previously saw Netherlands Button Bashers destroying their lower bracket final opposition Germany BioXar 13-3 on Strike. With Netherlands Button Bashers having the first map choice they will be taking Crossfire, a map that they are undoubtedly one of the best in the world on. A proven fact at the Antwerp eSports Festival against United States Pandemic.

United Kingdom Team Dignitas have opted for their long time favourite map City Streets which has seen them pick up many famous victories on including what was one of the greatest ever finals at i33 against United Kingdom TheLastResort. Perhaps it was fated that those two top teams would merge to become one.

This promises to be a huge match and you would be a fool to miss it. The action begins at 20:00 GMT.

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