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Posted by Deman on 03/03/2010 09:41:44 GMT


This is a preliminary schedule for QuadV streamed Call of Duty 4 matches that will almost certainly change while on location. If you see some gaps where matches are being played it's because I need to eat and drink or everything has gone horribly wrong!

Play-Offs - Best of 3 Maps
Play-Off Matches will be decided upon when the groups are finalised.

Group Stages - 1 Map

16:15 Group H - France YoYoTech vs Germany Speedlink
15:30 Group G - NetherlandsMouseFX vs United States Loaded
14:00 Group E - Sweden H2K-Gaming vs Germany mTw
13:30 Group C - European Union Dignitas vs European Union corgz
10:30 Group F - United Kingdom Reason Gaming vs European Union Fnatic
09:45 Group F - United Kingdom Reason Gaming vs United Kingdom Infused
09:00 Group F - United Kingdom Infused vs European Union Fnatic

23:15 Group G - Netherlands MCA vs United States Loaded
22:30 Group G - Netherlands MouseFX vs Poland GFO Gaming
21:45 Group G - Czech Republic Power Gaming vs United States Loaded
20:15 Group B - Hungary Infinity Skills vs Poland D-Link PGS
19:15 Group F - United Kingdom Infused vs Belgium Gamelimited
17:45 Group A - United Kingdom Next Century vs Germany Thermaltake
17:00 Group A - United Kingdom Next Century vs Italy Impact
15:45 Group E - Germany mTw vs Netherlands DOK Gaming
14:45 Group D - Italy OX-Gaming vs Poland Universal Soldiers
13:30 Group C - European Union corgz vs Poland Fear Factory
11:15 Group B - Hungary Infinity Skills vs European Union Empathy
09:00 Group A - Italy Impact vs Czech Republic Insenia

All times are based on Dutch local time (CET) which is GMT +1 and (as always) the schedule is based on the TosspoT Minute

Crossfire Intel Challenge 7

Wzzrd Gaming Centre, Enschede, Holland

Posted by Deman on 01/03/2010 14:28:10 GMT


Starting this Friday 5th March QuadV will be live from the Wzzrd Gaming Centre in Enschede, Holland where we will bring you all the action from what will be 3 very hectic days.

After much shuffling of bodies and equipment we will be able to bring you both Enemy Territory and Call of Duty 4 on two action packed streams throughout the weekend. With so many teams and players in attendance from all across the globe you can expect to hear from a wide range of interviews throughout the event.

We will undoubtedly be running into the early hours of the morning for the Sunday night finals followed by the renowned awards ceremony brought to you as always by TosspoT.

Here's to what will hopefully be a fantastic weekend of gaming.

So you want to be a shoutcaster?

New book to help promote casting released

Posted by ReDeYe on 01/12/2009 20:09:46 GMT

Today, I have released a book that I have been working on for over a year on helping promote shoutcasting. The book is around 20 pages in length and although it doesnt cover absolutely every aspect of shoutcasting, it goes a long way to having something written down for the first time on the subject.

You can read the entire book, free of charge on my own dedicated site.

There will also be a PDF version made for downloading shortly, so if you want to get in to shoutcasting or have always wondered what on earth goes in to being a shoutcaster that attends tons of lan events and works on TV, you now have the chance to read about it.

WCG on demand

and we went over 50,000 users!

Posted by ReDeYe on 24/11/2009 18:25:47 GMT


After some hard work by our technical crew, we now have pleasure in announcing that almost all of our videos are now up in the QuadV On Demand section of the site.

You can now relive those incredible games from all of the WCG Grand Finals including the epic maps between Again and fnatic in the CS 1.6 Grand Final and yes, I did say BOTH maps. You wont find the second map anywhere else either as the game had to be moved on to a different stage to complete it after map 1 took too long to complete.

It is also a landmark day for QuadV. Almost exactly 1 year ago, we took a new site and decided to open it up for the first time and allow people to register and enjoy the interaction. Today we can announce that we have surpassed the 50,000 registered user mark and we would like to thank each and every one of you for your support since our launch in early 2007 and throughout 2009 in what has been a challenging financial year.

We hope you enjoyed our coverage and enjoy reliving it through the VOD's.

WCG is over

and we still have VODS to come!

Posted by ReDeYe on 17/11/2009 13:37:45 GMT


The bad news is that WCG 2009 is over for another year, but the good news is that you will soon be able to watch it all again, lag free on our video on demand section!

Over the next few days, we will be adding all of the finals and the CS games we covered during the 1.6 tournament.

We are also looking for feedback on the streams. We know they werent great and although you have to appreciate the issues with streaming from so far away in China, we do want to hear how you got on with them, particularly the main stage stream we offered via our Partner Justin.TV.

Well done to everyone who attended and special mention for our tech crew who were life savers all week and allowed us to stream even if KLM Cargo didnt!

WCG Final 2009, Day Four Schedule

Live coverage continues from China

Posted by Corin on 14/11/2009 02:57:31 GMT


QuadV's live coverage from the World Cyber Games 2009 Grand Final, here in Chengdu, China, is ready to begin again for the fourth day, with some cracking matches coming in from all tournaments!

First up we see two Counter-Strike 1.6 games, on channels TV1 and TV5, with TV1 continuing to show matches from the main stage all day - the TV5 schedule is not yet fully confirmed.

Here is the current schedule for the day!

Counter-Strike 1.6 - vs k23 04:00 CET (TV1)

Counter-Strike 1.6 - Team EG vs mTw 04:00 CET (TV5)

Dungeon and Fighter (Final)- Korea vs Japan 06:00 CET (TV1)

Starcraft (Semi-Final) - ??? vs ??? 06:30 CET (TV1)

Carom3D (Final) - ??? vs ??? 07:30 CET (TV1)

Warcraft 3 (Semi-Final) - ??? vs ??? 08:30 CET (TV1)

Starcraft (3rd/4th place) - ??? vs ??? 10:00 CET (TV1)

AMD Mass Game Campaign (D&F) (Final) - ??? vs ??? 11:00 CET (TV1)

Company of Heroes Online - Canada vs China 12:00 CET (TV1)

Posted by Corin on 13/11/2009 12:11:53 GMT


So that concludes another fantastic day of games here in Chengdu, China, at the World Cyber Games Grand Final 2009.

You may have noticed that our schedule for tomorrow (aka Saturday aka Day Four) is not yet on our site - because of the nature of the stage we are at now (elimination brackets), we are unable to schedule games until later tonight.

Do not fear, however, we are still here, and, with our newly arrived equipment (which was delayed in shipping by five days!), we'll be even better than before!

Tune in from 11am local time, that's 4am CET, for Counter-Strike, Warcraft 3, Starcraft and much, much more!

WCG Final 2009, Day Three

Live coverage continues from China

Posted by Corin on 13/11/2009 06:26:50 GMT


Yesterday saw the first full day of coverage from the World Cyber Games 2009 Grand Final event here in Chengdu, with some absolutely fantastic games taking place.

Today's schedule follows the same pattern as yesterday's, with all remaining group games scheduled to be finished, ready for elimination stages tomorrow.

Here is the full schedule for Friday!

Warcraft 3 - Moon vs TankLiew 05:30 CET

Warcraft 3 - Sky vs Majic(M 06:00 CET

Starcraft - Bisu vs Bruce 06:30 CET

Starcraft - PJ vs DIMAGA 07:00 CET

Counter-Strike 1.6 - k23 vs esq.Wind 07:30 CET

Fifa - Kr0ne vs Xaxotun 08:30 CET

Warcraft - Lyn vs Maniac- 09:00 CET

Warcraft - Moon vs S.o.K.o.L 09:30 CET

Starcraft - White-Ra vs IdrA 10:00 CET

Starcraft - Bisu vs PJ 10:30 CET

Red Stone - ComeonBaby vs HAPPY_SWEETS 11:00 CET

Trackmania - Grand Final 11:30 CET

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