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Real name: Jason Atkins
Date of Birth: 1984-08-30
E-mail: moc.vdauq@yaj
Registered: 12/03/2008
Location: United Kingdom United Kingdom


CPU: 2x Intel C2D, 3x AMD 64
HDD: 6x 500 Gig
Monitor: 3x TFT, 2x CRT
Keyboard: £5 Multimedia Ownage
Mouse: Deathadder
Mousepad: QPad
Graphics card: Nvida 9800, 8800 and 3x 6800
Memory: 2x 2 Gig, 3x 1 Gig
OS: 1x Vista, 4x XP
Headset: Razer

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About Jay

Jay began his commentating career in 2005, he covers a wide variety of games including, Counter Strike 1.6, Counter Strike Source, Battlefield 1942, Call of Duty, Call of Duty 2, GoW, Call of Duty 4, Quake 4, HALO, Warsow, Crysis, VF5, Trackmania and many more.

He has been part of BF1942 (Desert Combat), AA and BF2 with High Impact Tactics and Death Syndicarte Clans in North America as well as EU Clans for Counter Strike Source with GBUK and PLOW.

Over the past few years Jay has covered Electronic Sports World Cup 2006, World Series of Video Games in the UK and Sweden for 2006, Cyberathlete Professional League World Tour in 2005 and PDXLAN. Jay has also appeared on TV for MTV’s Inside WSVG and recently he has covered the Intel Core2 Extreme Challenge Finals for QuadV, as well as attending the WCG UK Qualifiers and the iPower Games in Lisbon. As well as making numerous TV apparances for Xleague in the UK he also recently worked with to cover the Kode5 CM Storm.

Jay continues to provide superb Live audio and video coverage for QuadV both online and at events.

Events Attended

2009 i37, Stoneleigh, UK
2009 UKeSA Season One Finals, London UK
2009 ESL Intel Friday Night Games, London UK
2009 The Gadget Show Live, NEC Arena UK
2009 i36, Stoneleigh, UK
2008 WCG World Finals, Cologne, Germnay
2008 Kode5 CM Storm Invitational, Berlin, Germany
2008 WCG UK Finals, Stoneleigh, UK
2008 Mfestival/i34, Stoneleigh, UK
2008 CEVO Pro CS:S Season 6
2008 i33, Newbury, UK
2008 Xleague, Halo3 Invite, Sky TV, UK
2008 UEESA BF2 Finals
2008 Xleague, Super Smash Bros Finals, Sky TV, UK
2008 Xleague, Gears of War Finals, Sky TV, UK
2008 Xleague, VF4 Invite, Sky TV, UK
2008 XLeague, Dead or Alive 3 Finals, Sky TV, UK
2008 XLeague, NFS Finals, Sky TV, UK
2008 XLeague, Mario Strikers Finals, Sky TV, UK
2008 XLeague. CoD4 Invite, Sky TV, UK
2007 XLeague, R6 Vegas Final, Sky TV, UK
2007 XLeague, HALO3 £10k Invite, Sky TV, UK
2007 XLeague, CoD4 Beta Invite, Sky TV, UK
2007 XLeague, Halo2 FFA Finals, Sky TV, UK
2007 WCG UK Finals, Newbury, UK.
2007 Asus WGT UK, Newbury, UK.
2007 i31, Newbury, UK.
2007 Packard Bell iPower 07, Lisbon, Portugal
2007 Intel C2E CS:S Challenge
2006 WSVG Lodon,Trocadero, London, UK.
2006 Verizon TM Nations $40,000 Tournament
2006 Kode5 North American Qualifiers
2006 WSVG All-Star Qualifiers
2006 WSVG Sweden, Dreamhack, Sweden.
2006 ESWC UK, Bristol, UK.
2006 Battlefield 2 World Tournament
2005 CPL World Tour, Sheffield, UK.
2005 PDX LAN 5, Portland, Oregan, USA.

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