Date of Birth: 1970-02-27
Registered: 03/11/2008
Location: Estonia Estonia


CPU: Intel Core 2 Duo E8400 3.00 GHz
HDD: 320GB + 60GB HDDs
Monitor: 17" Flatron LG
Keyboard: Some cool Defender's stuff
Mouse: Old Microsoft Optical
Sound card: Realtek's.. Integrated on the mobo
Graphics card: Asus EN8600GT Silent/HTDP/512M, 8600GT/512MB
Memory: 2x 1GB 800MHz Apacer
OS: Windows XP, doh.
Headset: Defender HN-898

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About Decl

Similarly to QuadV's broadcasters, Decl is also a commentator, however working for fun and not on a professional level. After leading TGS commentary team for about 3 years, he's now switched over to ClanBase Radio ( on the position of UT-series commentator and head of the station (Chief of Media).

Decl is also the Chief of Translations on ClanBase, responsible for all translations on the website, also managing the crew and documents.

Events Attended

ClanBase OpenCup Spring 2010
ClanBase NationsCup XIII - UT2004 iCTF
ClanBase NationsCup XIII - UT iCTF ZP
ClanBase OpenCup Fall 2009
ClanBase OpenCup Spring 2009
ClanBase NationsCup XII - UT2004 iCTF
ClanBase NationsCup XII - UT iCTF ZP
ClanBase NationsCup XII - UT CTF
ClanBase OpenCup Fall 2008
ClanBase EuroCup XVII - UT iCTF
ClanBase SummerCup 2008
ClanBase OpenCup Spring 2008
ClanBase NationsCup XI - UT iCTF ZP
ClanBase EuroCup XVI - UT iCTF
ClanBase OpenCup Fall 2007
ClanBase OpenCup Spring 2007
ClanBase OpenCup Fall 2006
Jolt iCTF League 2006
TGS iCTF Cup 2006
ClanBase OpenCup Spring 2006

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