Real name: Zakaria El Khartaoui
Registered: 26/02/2009
Location: Belgium Belgium
Clan: intexGaming
Clan history: GoPro.exe, Sensitivity Sports, Animate Gaming

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About zqkii

I started playing in early 2004 when CS1.6 was already on a high level but CS1.5 had still an active community. When I started playing CS1.5 I only learned the basics from friends. There was a local cybercafé in the neighbourhood where, almost everyday, it was full of people playing CS.

In 2005 I finally had my own computer at home so I bought CS1.6 and start playing mixes. In less than 6 months I found myself a new team called GoPro.exe, the level was low but we formed a team because we enjoyed playing CS against other teams. We competed in ladders & tournaments from ClanBase and ESL and although we lost more then we won, we had a nice time. After another year I joined a new team called Sensitivity Sports. I think it was then when I decided to become a professional player, or at least try to become a professional. During the time with this team we created a very good bond between the players and we thought that we could achieve something big. In the end it was only a dream and after a full year of gaming I took a break of around 3-4 months.

Then, when I decided to play CS again, I met some old friends from during CS1.5. They started a new team and it was only natural that I joined up with them, that’s the beginning of Animate Gaming in January 2008. We learned a lot in these days and we were very motivated to reach a top-level and compete with professionals. To be honest, I never thought it was this hard to become a team of high calibre, but that is just what gives us a boost. In the winter of 2008 there was a problem within the organisation so we had to find a better home. That’s where we find Intex Gaming, our current team.

The players of intex are now together for more then a year and we know one thing: one day.. very soon.. we WILL get there, the stage of a large tournament where u win money and hold a trophy in your hands. Until then, may this scene never die!

2005-2006: GoPro.exe (Hunter, TraxX, MightY, Happy, zqkii)
2006-2008: Sensitivity Sports (LeFeTEc, Sossa, Iron, Happy, zqkii)
2008-2009: Animate Gaming (YessR, hima, RestyleZ, Alchemist, zqkii)

Events Attended

2009-02-20: Frag-O-Matic 11.0 (Ghent, Belgium)

2009-05-01: FatLAN XII (Lommel, Belgium)
Placed 2nd - €350,00

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