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Real name: Stuart Saw
Registered: 07/03/2008
Location: United Kingdom United Kingdom

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About TosspoT

Made from 1 part Pringles and 2 parts Diet Coke Stuart first ventured online after downloading Wolfenstein MP demo, and has been hooked ever since - becoming one of eSports most recognizable characters.

As a player he’s played in Eurocups and Captained nations cup teams whilst also making a few cameo LAN performances. His gaming passion stems from RTCW but has roots in Call of Duty, Quake, Counter Strike and others.

Stuart has traveled the world with video gaming as far west as Los Angeles and as far east as Singapore. Based in London, Stuart has presented and hosted at the most prestigious gaming events such as the World Cyber Games and the Electronic Sports World Cup, and has appeared on television networks such as DirecTV, Sky, GZTV, MBCGame as well as numerous national networks across Europe.

Stuart owns and as well as managing it's ever growing community, pioneers the Crossfire Challenge project, which to date has awarded over €30,000 in cash prizes to its communities top players. The series has now reached its 5th event and to great community and eSports acclaim continues to grow in size and reputation.

In 2008 Stuart launched his own TV Show called eSports Weekly, which was a weekly dabble into all things competitive gaming. The pilot series was a success and even featured Gemma Atkinson as a co-host for the final episode, it aired on Sky and featured on gamings biggest websites.

Stuart has become experienced and reputable in almost every facet of modern eSports and has attended the following events.

Events Attended

2008 ESL Extreme Masters, Dubai
2008 Blizzard WWI, Madrid
2008 ESL Extreme Masters, Leipzig
2008 WCG UK Finals, Stoneleigh, UK
2008 Mfestival/i34, Stoneleigh, UK
2008 The eXperience, Roskilde, Denmark
2008 Antwerp eSports Festival, Belgium
2008 Acer Challenge, Enschede
2008 The Experience, Oslo, Norway
2008 i33 Newbury, Uk
2008 CDC4, Enschede, Holland
2007 WCG UK Finals, Newbury, UK.
2007 Asus WGT UK, Newbury, UK.
2007 i31, Newbury, UK.
2007 Packard Bell iPower 07, Lisbon, Portugal
2007 ESWC Netherlands, Enschede, Holland.
2007 CPC2, Enschede, Holland.
2007 i30 Intel Championships, Newbury, UK.
2007 sHGOpen, Copenhagen, Demark.
2007 W3 MBC Game, S. Korea
2006 Championship Gaming Invitational 2, Los Angeles.
2006 i29 Intel Championships, Newbury, UK.
2006 World Cyber Games Finals, Monza, Italy.
2006 Crossfire PrizeFight Challenge 1, Rotterdam.
2006 WCG Netherlands, Rotterdam.
2006 Netgamez, Urtrecht, Holland.
2006 Quakecon, Dallas.
2006 Championship Gaming Invitational 1, San Francisco.
2006 COVLAN, Coventry, UK.
2006 ESWC Grand Finals, Paris, France.
2006 PlayZ lan, Stockholm.
2006 Esi Via UK invite, London UK.
2006 Transatlantic showdown, New York, USA.
2005 Blizzard WorldWide Invitational, Seoul.
2005 CIG Finals, Shanghai, China.
2005 World Cyber Games, Singapore.
2005 Clanbase Eurocup XII, Amsterdam.
2005 Quakecon X 2005, Dallas, USA.
2005 ESWC, Paris, France.
2005 E3, Los Angeles, USA
2004 World Cyber Games, San Francisco

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